My First Suzuki 4×4

So after working overseas driving Double Decker Buses, Tour Buses and Overland Adventure Trucks I returned home to NZ and started building up a Fraser Sports Car ( NZ made Lotus 7 copy) I realised that I missed driving on Gravel Roads about Northland and a sports car was not the ideal vehicle to have.

Well I talked to Mr Fraser and we worked out a price on returning a have built kit car, luck that I did because the finishing off built cost was over 3× more then the prices that I had been quoted in the first place.

Once I had rid of it, I started looking for a new Suzuki Samurai (Jimny in some markets) and ended up with the Big Boys Toys show specialised custom Samurai and started exploring the back roads and forgotten history of Northland NZ.

I ending up clocking up over 80,000 kms on the clock and only sold it because I started driving longer distances down to Rotorua and Taupo exploring the back roads and Kayaking a number of great Whitewater Rivers ranging from Grade 3 to 5+.

This was the one Suzuki 4×4 that I missed as the replacement Gen 3’s looked like a great city car and not a meaty offroad vehicle.

My 1st new vehicle too

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