My Micro 4×4 Camper Project

My Jimny Out & About The start of my Micro 4×4 Camper. The removal of my Suzuki Jimny rear seats, rear box, tuck the seatbelts away into the bodywork and secure with a few zip ties. Place on the bathroom scales and weigh them all up! Rear redundant Parts Removed parts will come to 16... Continue Reading →

My Suzuki Jimny Story

Well back as a kid in 1972 I first saw a Suzuki LJ10 or may have been a LJ20 in Wellsford (Northland) and if I had been older I would of liked one for myself, but at 8 years old I was too young! Anyway in 1998 I got my 1st new Suzuki Samurai (Jimny),... Continue Reading →

My First Suzuki 4×4

So after working overseas driving Double Decker Buses, Tour Buses and Overland Adventure Trucks I returned home to NZ and started building up a Fraser Sports Car ( NZ made Lotus 7 copy) I realised that I missed driving on Gravel Roads about Northland and a sports car was not the ideal vehicle to have.... Continue Reading →

So welcome to Jimny New Zealand, My background is from driving offroad on our family farm up north mixed with riding dirt bikes all over the place. On my two O.E. 's I drove about the UK in a rough looking air-cooled VW kombi van, exploring the greenlanes of England. On my 2nd O.E. I... Continue Reading →

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